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Good day to all! we have AMA portion with CutieSwap Finance

CutieSwap Finance is a noncustodial automated market maker implemented for the BSC Virtual Machine. In comparison to earlier versions of the protocol, CutieSwap provides increased capital efficiency and fine-tuned control to liquidity providers, improves the accuracy and convenience of the price oracle, and has a more flexible fee structure.

Automated market makers (AMMs) are agents that pool liquidity and make it available to traders according to an algorithm.4

One of the Cutieswap representative, a blockchain developer with 3 years of experience. Also serves as the strategic lead in the Cutieswap team.

Project Telegram:

Host: Amanda Simon

The AMA will be in 3 Phases

  • 1st Phase: Questions will be from Team.
  • 2nd Phase: Questions from Twitter
  • 3rd Phase: Questions from Telegram Members.

1st Phase of AMA: Questions will be from Team!

Amanda Simon:

1. Would you please describe what is your project?

Mr. Tamil:

CutieSwap is a decentralized exchange with Automated Market Maker. It runs in Binance Smart Chain Platform which makes the trading process Smoothly.

CutieSwap also focuses on Non Fungible Tokens as its very own collectibles. Minting and Marketplace for NFTs is possible.

Amanda Simon:

2. What are the main core features of your project? How are you different and unique from all other exchange projects out there?

Mr. Tamil:

CutieSwap is not just an exchange. It also features Exchange of NFTs. Yet, we know that CutieSwap runs as Automated Market Maker and brings a chance in Yield Farming, it also gives you the privilege to trade or exchange your NFTs to another users NFTs without running in Auction. NFT Swap for short.

Amanda Simon:

3. How important is the community to you? And how can we elaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Mr. Tamil:

The community is important to us, a community without members is just like a man in an island. Community is the main Character in CutieSwap Ecosystem. Without the community, CutieSwap will not be completed.

And as being part of CutieSwap Community, we bring you the best services as we can. Also, giving us your full support that will lead to the success of the project.

Amanda Simon:

4. What are the advantages of Cutieswap between other AAM platform?

Mr. Tamil:

Since CutieSwap runs in Binance Smart Chain Platform, we can guarantee the smoothness of every transactions you’ve made. Plus, lower fees for every trade. We can all also guarantee a best platform that suits your need

Amanda Simon:

5. You’re conducting a presale, could you please explain the presale details and the listing price?

Mr. Tamil

Presale runs in 2 Phases

1. Private Sale
- Whitelisting to those early investors
-Only whitelisted investors are eligible to participate in the private sale
-those qualified in private sale will receive some bonuses as rewards
-Private sale already ended

2. Public Sale
- Public sale will run as an IDO or Initial DEX Offering

We plan to choose for IDO platforms out there but there are some things to consider

DxSale — it is a great platform but as of this moment they got some bugs coz of upgrades for V3 so we planned not to conduct there for now

Bounce Finance — this platform is good also but they are not accepting Deflationary tokens for now though they accepts BSC tokens

We decided to launch our own IDO which will be Automated. Just by spending BNB you will automatically receive your Tokens using Smart Contract.

2nd Phase of AMA: Questions from Twitter Member

Amanda Simon:
1. From @kartikadifaa

Cutieswap is a DEX based, talking about DEX, we know that currently the DEX problem is slippage and very high gas cost, How does your team provide solutions?

Mr. Tamil:

The algorithms we will apply will secure and help the traders to eliminate or reduce slippage and focuses on limit orders.

Amanda Simon:
2. From @Cryptol45363630

As a newbie in crypto how would recommend Cutieswap as a good investment? What are some benefits and income in trusting Cutieswap?

Mr. Tamil:

Well congrats and welcome to crypto world!

CutieSwap is the one I would recommend into you to begin with.

In terms of trading, it is much better to trade with just one click rather than setting your own market order. It is an Automated Market Maker, you only have to do is to swap.

Another benefits on it are the collectibles, being holder of $CUTE governance token, you are qualified to participate in its NFT Community.

Basic Investment but more income. Being trader and artist will bring more profit as well.

Congratulations again🎉.

Amanda Simon:
3. From @akeisha324

What strategies does your project have to implement to become the best against the competitors?

Mr. Tamil:

The bigger the community that supports the more booming the Cutieswap will be. Smooth trading and NFT marketplace will be one of our trump card.

$Crypto Enthuziast$, [18.04.21 21:52]

The bigger the community that supports the more booming the Cutieswap will be. Smooth trading and NFT marketplace will be one of our trump card.

Amanda Simon:
4. From @ashley02

What is the most interesting part of your project that can attract investors?

Mr. Tamil:

The Cuteness of it, as you can see in the name of it CutieSwap.

The most interesting part in it is the decentralization, all are Decentralized, the community is the controller of itself.

Amanda Simon:
5. From @ellie22

5. Do you have a long term plan to improve usecase of Cutie platform?

Mr. Tamil:

Yes, off course! By looking at our roadmap there are more plans and goals we need to achieve to give the community the satisfaction that they need.

For further illustration of the roadmap visit this link:

Final Phase of AMA: Questions from Telegram Members

#1. Wormz28

It’s so nice that in Cutieswap, you will allow users to create their own unique NFTS and offer a sell with a low transaction fee. So how’s the process on how to Create/Mint our NFTs and can we really create any content of NFTs we desired?

Mr. Tamil:

At first, CutieSwap will show its very rare collectibles as the beginning stage.

After that, minting and creation will be available. Using BSC platform, you can easily mint your digital arts creation at any time in a low cost scale.

You can only mint if you hold CUTE token, because it is the utility for it.

#2. Ishin Kho

Do you plan to have staking platform in the future?

Mr. Tamil:

Yes, Yield Farming is included. As you can see in our documents, Staking is one of the features we have. As long as you Stake CUTE the chance you earn more CUTE as well.

Plus, Staking CUTE will be rewarded with our unique Rare NFTs collectibles.

#3. kumarsajid

How many killer features of Your project that makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2–3 features ?

Mr. Tamil:

Will give you at least 3

1.Automated Market Maker which is decentralized and low fees of course
2. NFT collectibles that can be acquired by staking CUTE and also can be obtained by swapping NFT to other users inside the Community
3. The faucet
- as an active Community member you can claim $CUTE regularly using the faucet feature.

#4. Samuel Taylor

Do you plan to burn the unsold tokens?

Mr. Tamil:

Yes indeed, all unsold tokens will be burned.

#5. leonardogucci

What will you promise to us that your project will be successful in the future?

Mr. Tamil:

Transparency is one of the best feature of it.

All the actions taken within the project will be Announced in all of our social media platforms.

Plus, the eagerness of the project developers on the success of it.

I am giving you assurance that this project will be successful.

End of the AMA.

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